New Episode: World on Fire – Our Sun & The Inner Roaster Coaster

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After a year of delays, shotgun wounds, earthquakes, and even more impossible situations, we’re finally getting back on track and launching the EVER weekly Podcast, with Joshua Dharma(my lifelong friend and co-founder of EVER) and myself.
Our intention with the podcast is to go deeper down the rabbit hole, connect you with forbidden truths & science, cutting edge health breakthroughs, ancient forgotten wisdom, and the truth about the co-creative power of our collective consciousness.
And as usual with Josh and I, big bellied laughter and hilarity ensues as we shine awareness on epic science and mystical esoteric topics while grounding it with experience and day to day reality.
In the first episode, we bring out of the box the topic which may open the door for you to an entirely new understanding of what’s happening in your life and on this planet right now.  We feel it’s the most important topic that we had to address before going deeper into any of the episodes coming up on the podcast as it lays the foundation for what’s to come.
Are you finding that you’re going through extremely tough times right now?  
Even if everything on the external seems to be all rosy, does your internal world feel like you’re inside of a pressure-cooking microwave oven? …or like you want to jump out of your own skin at times?
You’re not alone.
Our Sun is now going through a massive transition, and it’s affecting your consciousness.
In this ground breaking episode, we cover:
  • What’s happening with the Sun, according to many forward thinking researchers, NASA and secret space program whistle-blowers.
  • What the Sun actually is, why it’s cold inside and what’s in its center.
  • The new frequency of consciousness the Sun is tuning into, how it affects your life, the “inner roaster-coaster” and how to deal with it.
  • Epic research coming out on the intensely healing properties of the Sun from Dr. Jack Kruse.
  • What it means to be become “frequency specific” during these times of change and how it can make your life a lot easier.
  • The real reason for climate change.
  • What chem-trails have to do with this change occurring to the Sun
  • and much more… 

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PS.  If you’ve been on my email list for years, you’ve probably seen me cover quite a lot things in the area of alternative health, water, and spirituality. 
Perhaps much of what we cover in this first Podcast may seem new or strange to you, if so, I encourage you to be skeptical, but keep an open mind and heart & do your own research.  There’s a lot more incredible content to come, and this episode contains crucial information which we’ll be building on over the weeks and months to come.  Don’t miss it.
PPS. The first 3 episodes of the Podcast have already been published, if you’re hungry for more, click here to listen to the rest.  We’ll be publishing the show-notes for the next two episodes over the next week. In the next two episodes we cover practical advice on how to deal with these intense situations, and then dive into the topic which we’ll be covering much of next week: Biohacking Water, leading up to a live event which is coming soon.
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  • There is Tree of Life and we all seat on many branches… but there are some monkeys,trying to cut off branches we all seat on, with their chain saws… we all have three choices : to kill monkeys, to take away their chain saws, or to educate them… that third option is the longest one , but most effective and most human….

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