How to Deal With Hell & Impossible Situations Like a True Spiritual Warrior

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If you’re dealing with intensity… this episode is for you.
Last year, our entire organization was torn apart, as very shortly after we released a major documentary, five armed men with shotguns broke into Joshua’s home and shot him at point blank range, what ensued was a massive domino effect of insanity lasting 1.5 years, as we lost nearly everything we had… but not our friendship, our vision, or the will to stay present with all that is.
With love and laughter we re-call the past year, the good, the bad, and the incredible lessons learned through terrifying ordeals, epic fails, and being challenged to the core to “grow, or die”
In this episode, we continue where we left off in episode 1, and give practical advice on how to deal with the intense, massively transformative(for better or for worse) energies running through all of us on this planet right now.
You’ll learn:
  • The 3 steps to dealing with epic fails and impossible situations.
  • How to stay present and grow through epic challenges even if you’d rather die than keep going.
  • How to use the stuff nightmares are made of as rocket-fuel for your spiritual growth.
  • And much more…

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