How to Biohack Your Water – Part 1

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In this episode, one of our most passionate topics will be getting under the microscope: Water.  And more importantly, how to “bio-hack” your water to turn it into a potent healing force in your life.
There are people on this planet right now using water alone to heal the body of every disease man has heard of, there’s mind-blowing science being unearthed which indicates water is the key to light turning into matter, and much more.
If you tune into the alternative media, it’s no mystery… our water and our air is being purposely and maliciously poisoned, but do you ever wonder why exactly?
It’s because there’s a secret they’re desperately trying to hide…. It has to do with water’s true healing abilities and spiritual properties.  There are mysteries about water that very few people understand, and if you knew it, it would threaten the entire globalist/cabalist agenda.  
Well…. right now, we’re at an unprecedented point of our history, we’re at a “tipping-point” regarding our understanding of water and it’s true healing potential, and it’s role in the evolution of consciousness on this planet.
In this episode, and the week to come,we’re going to lay the foundation to explain how this is possible, we’re diving hard-core into exploring these mysteries, and sharing with you everything we’ve learned over the past many years of research and self-experimentation.
Don’t miss this first land-mark water biohacking episode. 
You’ll learn:
  • Why water is the most researched molecule on this planet, and yet we still don’t know anything about it.
  • Advanced research 15 years ahead of its time on a special natural molecules which indicate it may actually be possible to stop or reverse the human aging process. WARNING: Don’t try this at home until you know what you’re doing.
  • Quick and simple bio-hacks to turn your own water into a coherent biological crystalline form that will facilitate a greater version of you and humanity.
  • How water stores light and information
  • The real reason water is being poisoned on this planet(as well as the air)
  • And much more…

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PS. This podcast is the first instalment of many exciting things to come, as next week, we’re going to be going nuts about water in a lead up to our LIVE 2 Day Online Advanced Water Biohacking event occurring in August(to be announced soon.)