Dr. Patrick Flanagan – The Man Who Forever Changed The Way The World Saw Pyramids & Water

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In this brand new episode, Josh and I ventured to the home of Dr. Patrick Flanagan to record a fascinating audio interview during which we got to ask him questions many people never dared to ask, but wanted to…
The interview is epic.  If you don’t already know who Patrick is, here’s a brief intro:
Patrick is a true original thinker, an American inventor, scientist, and author. He was born a child prodigy, at age 11, his science-fair invention caused the Pentagon to scramble fifteen scientists and officers from Wright-Patterson Air Force base, because his “science project” was accurately tracking every one of their test missile launches!
He is the author of the 1975 best-seller “Pyramid Power”, a body of work revealing the truth behind the pyramids, their many secrets, and inspired countless others to investigate as well.
As a young man, he inherited SIXTY years of advanced water technology research from his mentor Dr. Coanda who was studying water with extremely potent healing properties apparently responsible for drastically increasing the life-span of the local inhabitants . He then took the research, and advanced it another 20 years before discovering the secret to creating a highly stable liquid crystal water and creating two inventions which changed the way we looked at water forever…
I have immense respect for him, not only for his scientific knowledge and achievements, but because he’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, he’s got an enormous heart and love for humanity, and it’s always a pleasure to be in his company and to hear the wild stories of his life.
In this episode, you’ll hear:
  • His answer to the question: “Patrick, if you could turn back time, and invest your life into creating ‘free energy’, what would you do?” – shocking answer.
  • Patrick’s take on the future of water on this planet.
  • The truth about the forces which don’t want to see certain inventions released to humanity.
  • His run-ins and “adventures” with the CIA.
  • Du-bunking the de-bunkers of pyramid power.
  • Mind-blowing facts about the frequency of hydrogen and what it has to do with sacred geometry and the structure of the cosmos.
  • And much more…
Dive in, and enjoy:

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Patrick Flanagan – The Man Who Forever Changed The Way The World Saw Pyramids & Water

  • I have heard that Patrick Flanagan has a device you can wear that protects from
    mind control? What is the name of the device?
    I have been in workshops with Patrick Flanagan and met his wife Gail when she
    was alive…..in Sedona area (Arizona).

    • Hi Lau,

      Not familiar with that device, many of his inventions aren’t publicly talked about 🙂

      • Best thing to avoid mind-control is to reconnect with nature, un-plug the wifi, throw out the TV. But if you ask me, living in a city, it’s almost unavoidable.

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