The Wild Story Of How One Man Died 4 Times In One Lifetime – An Interview With Joshua Dharma

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to die, and what happens after?
Joshua is one of the few people I know in this world who has clinically died in this life, gone to the ‘other side’, and came back to tell the tale.
Not just once.
Four times.
His experiences of dying  and the message he was communicated on the other side before coming back is something which I think will trigger many powerful ancient memories and insights for you.
Let’s just say this is not the average “tunnel of white light” story.
There’s something massive cooking on our planet, and we’re in for a wild ride.
In this episode, I play interviewer as Josh recalls his experiences, tells bits and pieces of his wild life, his unique perspective of life, death, consciousness, and beyond…
You’ll hear:
  • His first experience dying by drowning in a swimming pool when he was 3 years old, the consciousness he met on the other side and what he was told before being sent back.
  • How time and space are different once in the 4th dimension.
  • His second time dying in his 20s.
  • His third time dying.
  • His fourth time dying.
  • The truth about the eternal nature of your consciousness.
  • And much more

Okay,  as you can see, the guy has a lot of experience in dying… As do you, in fact, you’ve done it millions of times, and you’re still here.  This should help you remember, enjoy:

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“To be wild in spirit is not to be confined by the things you see, and what others say they see. It is to see for yourself.
A wild man sees the truth, he tells the truth, and lives by the truth.
You cannot kill him.
Not because his body doesn’t bleed, but because he has already died.
His spirit doesn’t belong to the world of the living, neither does it belong to the world of the dead.
He has one eye in one world, and one eye in the other, yet he doesn’t belong in either one.
Because his feet are firmly planted in the roots of himself… and where that is… you can only see in the naked emptiness shining through his eyes.” 
–  Native American Poem

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  • Wow, this was phenomenal, what an enjoyment to listen to the experience; and the upfront, direct expression, with filters removed. This was beyond empowering…..many thanks for sharing, and so filled with wisdom. We are blessed

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