How To Build Your Own Pyramids For Healing and Raising Consciousness – Interview With Sasha LeBaron

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In this episode, we interview author/researcher Sasha LeBaron on the mysteries of the Egyptian and Nubian(Russian type) pyramids… and more importantly: how you can use the same ancient mathematic and geometric principles to build your own pyramid at home to heal your food, your water, your body, and raise your consciousness.
Sasha LeBaron is a close friend of some 13+ years, aside from building Biodomes and living off the grid, he’s nuts on building pyramids, and has built more pyramids than anyone I know of, he’s written a killer eBook: “Russian Pyramids Revealed – a Builders Guide” which shows anyone how to build pyramids and start using them to tap into their mystical properties.
Warning: Both Josh and I are already nuts about pyramids, Sasha is even more nuts, so prepare to sit with 3 guys as we totally geek out for 2 hours on pyramids, ancient Egypt, and more…
You’ll learn:
  • The wild story of a guy who bribed the Egyptian security guards at the Giza pyramid to let him spend a night in the King’s chamber… hear what he saw on the ceiling.
  • The real history of the pyramids… No, the Egyptians did not build them.
  • Why there are tens of thousands of pyramids scattered all around the planet?
  • Hundreds of pyramids much larger than the Giza pyramid have been found in China, and why the the Chinese government is burying them all under the ground to hide them from the public.
  • The energetic differences between Giza-style pyramids and the Russian(Nubian) style pyramids.
  • Learn about the mystical properties of pyramid power, and the effects pyramids have on biological life, your energy body, geopathic energy grids, and more…
  • How to build your own Russian style pyramids for healing your body, your food, your water, and more. Listen to the podcast, or get Sasha’s book.(highly recommended)
  • What you can expect when building and experimenting with pyramids.
  • And much more… 
Note: In this episode we had some audio difficulty due to it being extremely windy, apologies for the poor quality in brief moments, our new microphones are already in the mail.

PS. In the episode we reference Sasha’s ebook and mentioned we would post the link to it.  If you’re interested in the book, would like to build your own pyramids to begin experimenting and exploring the possibilities of using pyramids for healing and raising consciousness, click here to check out his awesome research compilation: “Russian Pyramids Revealed – a Builders Guide.”
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