The Deadly Chase for Free Energy and Antigravity – Interview with Kacper Maciej Postawski

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Ever wondered if free energy and anti-gravity is real, and how it could possibly work? This episode is for you…
If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you might know that I spent a big portion of my life chasing free energy(zero-point energy) & anti-gravity. I was heavily involved with investing in SEARL Magnetics, I spent a good portion of my time flying around the world meeting with scientists, inventors, and going deep into this world.
I naively thought as a young man that all it would take to finally make this dream a reality was a chunk of cash invested in the right direction and a big pair of balls – little did I know what was in store, the people I would meet, and the fascinating and horrifying world I would touch as the true guard keepers of this technology are behind curtains, and hidden in shadows only the dead whisper about…  and the rabbit hole goes much… much deeper than most people could possible imagine.
Most people when confronted with the idea of free energy have either a response of disbelief or a “prove it” attitude, either citing scientific impossibility or scoffing at the idea that these inventions exist… “If they did, it would be all over the news, right?”… unaware of the fact that the real obstacles to this technology getting out are way beyond “proof is in the pudding”, and  that the very foundations of everything we believe about our world are at risk of crumbling when we investigate just a little deeper.
In this episode, I share the story of my 10 year involvement in this field, the people I’ve met, the technology I was involved in, why I left this world in the end to focus on consciousness instead, and an epic download of how free energy truly works, and it’s co-relation to anti-gravity(gravity inversion). 

Amongst many things, you’ll learn:
  • The truth about our entirely out-dated physics model and what the more accurate “electro-plasmic” physics model looks like.
  • Are Maxwellian physics wrong? Yes and no.
  • The 6 common denominators of all free energy devices.
  • Intricate details of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) Free Energy device: What are Boson electron pairs, how and why the SEG spins, rises off the ground, reaches high speeds, and could makes instantaneous 90 degree turns with zero inertial consequences on the inside… the physics, and the conspiracy.
  • Is free energy ever going to see the light of day on this planet? Our take on it…
  • And much more…
Note: In this episode we had some audio difficulty due to it being extremely windy, apologies for the poor quality in brief moments, our new microphones are already in the mail. (Should be here in 10 days!)

Resources and Links:

The electromagnetic spectrum: Consider the wavelengths and energies of the physics concepts discussed (including cosmic rays) to be at higher wavelengths. Don’t be deceived by the graphic’s representation, we only see about 0.00000006 of the spectrum (visible light). We utilize the rest of the spectrum for all sorts of technology. Past gamma, there are other untapped cosmic rays and radiation. To put it simply, everything beyond the visible spectrum could be classified as “HEAT”, random state energy.

When we build a machine that is capable of drawing the random state energy into a coherent structured state, we are now tapping into an unlimited amount energy.  It’s not against the “laws of physics”, it’s just common sense.


Links and People Mentioned:

  • The John Searl Story Documentary:
  • SEG Magnetics (Formerly SEARL Magnetics)
  • John Searl – Searl Effect Generator (SEG)
  • Fernando D. Moriss – Engineer at Searl Magnetics
  • Nikola Tesla
  • John Hutchinson
  • Thomas Henry Morray
  • Stanley Meyer 
  • Tom Bearden
  • William Tompkins
  • Nassim Haramein

Books Mentioned:

  1. Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles (Tom Bearden)
  2. Free Energy Generation: Circuits and Schematics (Tom Bearden)
  3. The Final Secret of Free Energy (Tom Bearden)


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  • Really great story Kasper! You and Josh are really doing great things with these podcasts. In a previous podcast when Josh was telling his near death stories, he spoke of certain breathing techniques that helped him raise his kundalini energy which in turn made him a great healer. I am a healer and would love if you could do a podcast on that so I could better myself in that respect. I love what you guys are doing here and ever with the humor that Josh brings which is hilarious! Thanks guys.

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