How To Join The Cryptocurrency Revolution

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We are back with another round of Podcasts… with epic new microphones.
If you’re new to cryptocurrency, and you want to learn all you need to know to get started, this episode is for you.

We are now amidst a massive global turning-of-the-tide event that is challenging and transforming the status-que of the global banking cartel as we know it, and for the first time in history, allowing every human being on earth to claim their financial sovereignty.

The crypto-currency revolution.

A technology by the people for the people has come and millions of people are embracing it at an unprecedented speed… threatening to completely wipe out the entire modern day banking world within the next decade…. and presenting an opportunity for the largest transfer of wealth ever to occur in our lifetime.

Perhaps you’re one of the early adopters, and you’re already involved… or perhaps like most people, you have only heard whispers and rumours through the cracks as words like “BitCoin”, “Ethereum” and “ICOs” reach your ears around the dinner table or through the murmur of activity at your favourite cafe…

Make no mistake, the revolution is happening, it’s not too late to get in, and this episode will answer mostly everything you want to know:

You’ll Learn:

  • What is crypto currency is and how it works.
  • What BitCoin is and how to get started and take proper care of your security.
  • What Ethereum is, and its unique mind-blowing role in the revolution that’s how replacing the centralized financial system.
  • How the fiat financial system works and how financial censorship is used to silence those who oppose the status-que(our insider’s tale.).
  • Recent events in Asia which have caused crypto-currencies to surge in value.
  • Event happening in the USA with crypto-currencies late this year which will take the game to the next level.
  • And much much more…

Please post your comments and questions on the blog, and enjoy:


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