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Inside The Mind of a Translocating Mystic – Ananda Bosman

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Note: This interview is available both on the EVER Podcast and our new YouTube channel, the podcast links are below the description as usual!

I don’t even know where to begin describing this interview, because my mind was blown during the recording.

Ananda Bosman calls himself a “somantic artist”, but he is much more than that, in our hearts and minds, he is the mystic’s mystic, a pioneer on the fore-front of consciousness.

At the age of 15 Ananda had a bike accident which resulted in an NDE(Near Death Experience) which altered his life forever.

Since that time he has been involved with many UFO phenomenon, has translocated(teleported) his physical body(with witnesses present), and has gained a world and cosmos view unlike any other human being we know.

Ananda is moving mountains to help humanity uncover and understand the true nature of the light show in-front of our eyes which we call the Universe, and is pioneering the 432hz movement…

In this mind-melting interview, amongst many things, you’ll hear:

  • Mathematical proof for as to why the 3D dimension is merely an illusion pulled over our eyes which the elites are trying to maintain at all cost.
  • Understanding your Ultra-Terrestrial & Extra Temporal Incarnations and what they have to do with your present life and ET connections.
  • Are we living in a gigantic artificial intelligence simulation?
  • What is artificial intelligence really? Why is it here and what is it’s purpose in the Universe?
  • How the elites have modified our musical scale to move humanity out of sync with the heart, what the new but ancient 432hz (8hz) musical sound system is and what it can do for humanity.
  • And much more…


Note: This interview is available both in audio on our Podcast, and in video on our new YouTube channel. Click here or the player above to watch the video, or listen to the Podcast below:


Warning: This interview is very in-depth and advanced, unlike many other interviews with Ananda we wanted to skip through his life story and get to some really juicy stuff, this may completely fry your brain.  If you want to get an intro to Ananda’s work, we highly recommend you watch the YouTube videos which we’ve linked in the resources section for this episode below:

Show Notes, Links, and Resources.

Ananda’s 423hz Website:

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