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Tapping Into Unity Consciousness and Telepathy – Sperry Andrews

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Sperry Andrews is one of the worlds most sought out speakers and teachers in the area of consciousness and awakening, he has recently made an appearance on Gaia TV, and has spent over 30 years exploring two-way telepathic awareness with thousands of people all around the world.

He also happens to be an old buddy of Joshua, and so in this episode Joshua interviews him, starting off from where they left off… meeting in India many years ago at an ashram where Sperry was teaching the female and male monks, with some funny stories to tell.

If we could summarize his message and what he brings it is this:

“Anyone can do this, it’s not complicated, unity consciousness and telepathy is closer than your next breath”

Sperry had his awakening early on in his life and went through many deep processes of integration.

In this podcast he shares his story, and then takes us into the state of unity consciousness together, so you can see in a very direct and personal way how easy it is to give undivided attention and meet in the place of unity consciousness.

His website is a vast library of information gathered over the years with the aim of sharing this collective reality in a conscious way.

You’ll hear:

  • Sperry’s incredible story of awakening when he was a child.
  • How you can easily more often “enter” into the state of unity consciousness.
  • How oneness is to be shared collectively instead of as an individual experience.
  • Why this is important now more than ever on our planet, and the evidence of the tidal wave of global awakening happening right now.
  • And much more……



Watch the video version on YouTube:

Note: Apologies for the poor video quality of Sperry, we are at times working within the limits of internet connections.

Show Notes, Links, and Resources.

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