Using Cryptocurrency to Build a New Earth – An interview with Griff Green

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If you’re interested in cryptocurrency and how it can change not only your world, but THE world, buckle your seatbelt, this episode is epic.
Griff Green is one of the most inspiring and humble individuals I’ve ever met in my life… he has a heart of gold, a perspective on the world of an enlightened monk, and is thought by many to be the “insider’s insider” of the cryptocurrency world.
In the world of the cryptocurrency revolution, there are “experts”, and then there is Griff, the guy who understands it all and is on the bleeding edge of the revolution, not for the sake of profit, but for the sake of transforming humanity, transforming how we view and share wealth, and using this technology to break down the barriers that prevent love and consciousness from actualizing good will in the world.
Griff has a burning vision inside of his heart for using blockchain technology to allow humanity to blossom, and you hear it in every word he speaks – the guy is on fire.
What makes him epic is that he’s not just another guy with a vision, he’s doing it, Griff is one of the most well connected, most well researched people in the cryptocurrency scene, he was a member of the DAO team which was accountable for sparking the  Ethereum fork of 2016 which influenced the crypto space forever in a perplexing way, and his new project stands to completely change how charity works on this planet…
He is also the guy who taught me how to ride a motorcycle, and I am honoured to call him my friend.
Need I say more? Griff is a total bad-ass.  I hope you enjoy the interview 🙂
You’ll hear:
  • How Griff uses cryptocurrency to travel the world, hopping country to country without ever touching an ATM.
  • The future of cryptocurrency, what it means to humanity, and why it’s not going anywhere no matter how hard the “powers that were” resist.
  • The real behind the scenes story of the DAO hack, the Ethereum fork, what happened?
  • How blockchain technology is giving rise to “Liquid Democracy”, and what this means for humanity.
  • Griff’s personal approach to investing in crypto-currency, and how he turned a a small $1,700 investment into a fortune which now allows him to devote his life to his dharma.
And much more…
NOTE: This is not a beginners podcast on cryptocurrency, if you want to know the basics, check out our original cryptocurrency podcast by clicking here.

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