5 Years Of Living Without Needing To Eat – Interview with Ray Maor

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Ray Maor started as a completely normal guy, one day a conversation with a friend led him down a rabbit hole which is now changing the very nature of our human existence in this dream-world we call reality.

Even though it may be hard to believe, like thousands of people awakening on this planet right now, for the past 5 years Ray hasn’t needed to eat food to survive, becuase his body functions purely on prana(cosmic energy)

…and unlike what you’d expect, the guy is pure muscle and life-force…

If you’re ready to get your mind blown, watch this interview.

I have to warn you, this is really against the grain of our deeply engrained belief systems and programming, and like me, you might first have a “yeah, right” reaction to this information, like I did for years… in fact, I completely blocked this out as it didn’t fit my paradigm and I wasn’t ready to accept it, until recently.

I have heard of pranic living/breatherianism, and anyone who’s ever read Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” will realize that these kind of occurrances(people living without food) are common place in in India…

However, this led me to believe that this was reserved for the holy monks of the Himalayas and those endowed with spiritual powers from years of practice or karmic influences.

It turns out, I was wrong.  Our planet is changing.

Right now, due to recent shifts(upgrades) in our collective consciousness, it’s easier than ever to awaken your pranic pathways, and live on cosmic energies.

And unlike the myths go you don’t have to stop eating entirely, you can still keep eating for fun, but your body just won’t need the food anymore.

Can you imagine how liberating this would be?  Watch to the interview to hear from Ray how this feels, how your entire base level root chakra survival ‘programs’ get re-wired, and what it feels like to be living walking proof of the fact that this reality is nothing but pure consciousness.

Some people call it living on Prana, others Breatherianism

Whatever you want to call it, Ray Maor is on the front-lines of this collective awakening, and has been living without having to eat for over 5 years, he travels the world sharing his experience and initiating anyone who feels the calling for this quantum leap transformation in this incarnation.

Listen to this mind blowing interiew to find out:

  • Busting the myths about breatharianism, and how the body changes it’s prana/metabolic energy source composition after initiation.
  • Ray’s personal story of how he went from being a completely normal guy, to ending up at an initiation which enabled him to have freedom from food, and how you can do the same.
  • The incredible health and spiritual benefits of opening up your pranic pathways. Clarity in all areas of your life, and less toxicity.
  • Why you don’t have to go FULLY pranic/breatharian after an initiation, and why most people chose to keep eating for fun only.
  • What’s happening right now on this planet on an energetic level that is now allowing this transformation to easily take place for humanity.
  • How the pranic living initiation looks like and what’s involved.
  • How and why countless people are shifting into this way of life all over the globe.
  • Why it’s much simpler than anyone would make you believe. 
  • It doesn’t involve years of yogic practice, and you don’t need to have any special spiritual powers.
  • You don’t need to have a history of being a health nut, a vegan, vegetarian or a raw foodist… if you feel the calling, you can do it.

And much more, enjoy!

Note: This interview is available both in audio on our Podcast, and in video on our new YouTube channel. 


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4 thoughts on “5 Years Of Living Without Needing To Eat – Interview with Ray Maor

  • I absolutely love this. I’ve been wanting to be less dependant on food for a long time now and am so, so excited that Ray will be bringing his workshop to Australia next October – wow!
    So excited for you Kacper, that you will get to do this in January, and very much looking forward to hearing all about it if you choose to share.
    Thank you so much for posting this 🙂

  • I’ve been using fasting and raw diet since I was 22 with some brakes while in Soviet Union prison. My longest fast was 15 days on distilled water and 5 days dry fast.
    At about 5 years ago I was prescribed eye glasses and I did not like it at all. I fasted 10 days on distilled water and took the glasses off. I am 58 years old now and still not use them. Two months ago I fasted 7 days with raw juices to brake the fast for 2 days and raw vegan diet for 2 weeks after. Paul Bragg was my first and major source of info on this.
    God bless you all.

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