Unplugging Your Mind From the Matrix – Interview with Justin Deschamps

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You know that moment in the Wizard of Oz when Wendy looks behind the curtain and finds out the all powerful wizard is just an ordinary guy?

In a world full of deception, psyops, and layers upon layers of dis-information, at a time of our collective awakening out of the dream-spell of “the Matrix”, Justin Deschamps, the co-founder of SITS(www.StillnessInTheStorm.com) has been on a mission to lift the curtain on a daily basis for all of humanity… or rather, to empower others to lift the curtain themselves.

Currently over 1.5 Million viewers find their way to SITS every month, even though the site has been outright targeted and labeled as “fake news” by the mainstream media during the recent crack-down against alternative media.

SITS is one of the leading sources of alternative ‘out-there’ news currently in operation, it is a pipe-line hub filled with news and information often on the bleeding edge of disclosure and conspiracy, dis-information, psyops, information, and much more… over the past few years it has grown to become a place where truth-seekers gather to get a break from the smoke and mirrors show of mainstream news and get a glimpse of what could really be going on on this planet.

Over the past many years, whether it’s been a summary of a recent mass UFO sighting, or an insider’s summary of Wikileaks documents or the pedogate situation, I have read most of it on SITS, so I am extremely grateful for this web-site.

If you haven’t heard of SITS, check it out… and if you have been following it, here’s your chance to meet the man behind the curtain: Justin Deschamps.

I wanted to interview Justin for two reasons: because his main passion is one that Josh and I share at EVER… Inspiring people to think for themselves and seek the truth within,

An excerpt from the about page of SITS:

The primary goal of Stillness in the Storm is to help all people become better truth-seekers in a real-time boots-on-the-ground fashion. This is for the purpose of learning to think critically, discovering the truth from within—not just believing things blindly because it came from an “authority” or credible source. Instead of telling you what the truth is, we share information from many sources so that you can discern it for yourself.

…and the second reason… because he’s on the inside of SITS, I wanted to ask him what what he sees his web-site visitors paying attention to the most, as this would be a good litmus paper indication of where the level of our collective consciousness of humanity truly is.

The answer was not what I expected.

Note: This interview is available both in audio on our Podcast, and in video on our new YouTube channel. Click here or the player above to watch the video, or listen to the Podcast below:


Show Notes, Links, and Resources.

Justin Deschamp’s Website: Stillness in The Storm – (SITS)

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5 thoughts on “Unplugging Your Mind From the Matrix – Interview with Justin Deschamps

  • Hi Kacper,

    Yesterday my wife and I watched your interview with Justin Deschamps and we both very much enjoyed the exchange of ideas between the two of you. The topics of your conversation with Justin prompted us to review the evolution of our own individual journeys of awakening as well as to notice what we were noticing as we watched and listened to your interview.

    I am prompted to share the following with you, which is really the only way I can share it with myself.

    The process of awakening is highly individualized. Awakening is a process of remembering what you were doing before you forgot what you were doing, which, because all doing comes from thinking, eventually evolves into remembering what you were thinking before you forgot what you were thinking. As one remembers, one becomes more aware. Remembering is like climbing a ladder where each rung on the ladder represents a higher level of awareness that is a more elevated state of being and state of mind. Climbing the ladder of Awareness marks what seems to be our journey through time and space and there is absolutely nothing random in our journey. It was no accident that I chose to watch your video when I did and it is no accident that I’m now communicating what I am.

    Kacper, I have a saying…”There is always an earlier beginning, therefore, there is always more to the story. And because there is always more to any story, nothing or no one is ever what it or they appear to be. Nor is anything ever about what it seems to be about. With every higher rung reached how what is perceived is interpreted shifts as does understanding.

    We are prisoners of our own desires (this is no cliche) and as long as a prisoner remains asleep, believing that the dream they’re unconsciously having is their reality, all is well; the prison status quo is not threatened. But, when a prisoner, even in the slightest way, begins to question their reality and the questions asked begin to loosen deeply buried memories from their binds allowing them to rise up into awareness…well, something has to be done. Here is where the proverbial “Rabbit hole” comes into play. Rabbit holes are traps designed by the inventor of the prison for the purpose of safeguarding and ensuring the continued existence of the prison. Rabbit holes function to manipulate the awakening prisoner back into a deep sleep protected by dreams. As Freud so astutely put it, “dreams are the guardians of sleep.”

    Rabbit holes appear to be vertical ladders that one can climb to higher states of awareness but, in fact, lay horizontal to form the figure 8 in what is commonly known as the infinity symbol. Rabbit holes are a closed system where no beginning or end can be found.

    Incredibility is the intended camouflage for any rabbit hole and they’re baited with mystery; that is, the question that floats in time in search of the ever elusive answer. When the process of awakening is activated in a person, they become very attracted to mysteries because everyone knows that mysteries hide the truth. If one is seeking the truth, one has to be able to discover and solve mysteries and to do this, of course, requires the willingness and ability of the person to confront and venture into the incredible and unknown all the while maintaining an open but skeptical mind.

    When a person, by whatever means, seems to discover a rabbit hole, as they peer into it all they see is blackness but they know that somewhere within that pool of dark are answers. So they boldly, or cautiously, or fearfully enter the hole (they take the ‘red’ pill). If a light could be switched on to illuminate the innards of the rabbit hole what would be seen is a complex network of answers leading to questions that lead to answers that lead to questions and so on and on and round and round it goes. The system is designed to hook any who enters into a never ending exploration where every answer reveals another question.

    In the rabbit hole, every answer suggests or points to and earlier beginning, which promises more to the story. And there are highly addictive complex sensations that come with the discovery, exploration and dissemination of what is learned (often interpreted as being previously hidden truth) regarding a particular rabbit hole.

    Rabbit holes are intentionally designed to convince any explorer or would be explorer of the unknown or abstract, that they are discovering truth and thereby awakening to a world(s) and dimensions that have been purposefully hidden from them. In other words, rabbit holes have been designed to make the explorer believe she or he is awakening, evolving and becoming more aware, but in actuality, the explorer is being kept asleep by keeping them addicted to exploring dreams that endlessly beget more dreams.

    Rabbit holes, as sinister as they are, can also be used to journey beyond rabbit holes by undoing rabbit holes.

    Kacper, I point you to a dream that is in the illusory form of a book. The book is titled, The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. This dream points to another dream that is also in the form of a book titled, A Course in Miracles (ACIM). ACIM is the only illusion that does not beget more illusions, instead, it undoes illusions (I don’t expect you to believe this). Through exploring this rabbit hole one can journey beyond what seems to be an infinity of versions of truth. Truth, though, is a pure integrity of which there can be no versions. Therefore, any so called version of truth is not of Truth, it’s a belief (a dream).


    In your interview you mentioned the Europa documentary that I had never heard of. Last night my wife and I watched the first five parts of this incredible documentary! Watching this account of history was more than a little therapeutic for us. However, if we would have watched it as little as five years ago, the experience would have hardly been interpreted as being therapeutic for we would have experienced it as being yet another rabbit hole that would have lead to more questions.

    Over the past five years I have found my way off the horizontal ladder and onto the vertical ladder. This is a miracle and what is a miracle but a change of perception.

    Thank you.


    In Love As Love
    I AM

  • Thank you for doing this interview. I have’t felt more connected to my tribe than when I watched this. I’m on the journey and most times I feel disconnected from everyone else. So thank you for this. So grateful!!

  • Great podcast. What was the name of the 7 part documentary mentioned about ww2 history? I couldn’t catch the name properly.

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