Happy Holidays! 2017 Recap and What’s Coming Up in 2018 at EVER

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Here’s a short video from us just to say “Happy Holidays”, “Thank you”… and a recap of what happened in 2017 at EVER, and what we have in plan for 2018.
Thank you for your support this year, watching our videos, listening to our podcasts, and participating in our live events, you have made our lives worth living again and helped us get off the ground.
2017 was a really intense year, as we finally reconnected after the shotgun wounds and 8.0 Earthquakes of 2016, got EVER off the planning boards, launched the podcast, and began to focus on what we are most passionate about: Water, Consciousness, and providing humanity with the tools necessary to help build the New Earth, together.
If you haven’t yet joined the EVER Tribe Group, you may have been left wondering where we’ve been for the past month.
We’ve been very hard at work on a new project(more in the video).
We’re taking Biohacking Water to the next level, and building a video course which we hope will enable anyone, no matter their background, to learn how to “Biohack water”, heal physical ailments with water, and rapidly accelerate spiritual growth.
We are almost 3 months in on this project and nearing completion, sometimes working 7 days a week… 
Every-day the urge to write, share, make videos and podcasts is overwhelming, and I cringe when I think of some of the EPIC guests we’ve had to turn away from the podcast over the past many weeks…
…but the simple fact is it would take time away from the project, which we have to get done… so for now, we’re putting our noses to the grind-stone.
During this down-time as we spend 95% of our time on the project, we are still posting content, answering questions, and exploring some new topics inside the EVER Tribe Facebook group, join us there if you want more EVER.
Much love to you and your family, thank you, and happy Holidays.

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  • Every time I hear you talking about your water project, I am getting more excited. Can’t wait to dive in…
    Merry Christmas you two wonderful people.

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