Saving The World vs Saving Yourself

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Are you more and more awake to what is really going on on this planet? 

Do you have a burning desire in your heart to make a difference, but sometimes don’t know where to start, especially as you feel “up against the ropes” with the every-day challenges of your personal life?

Then perhaps like me, you’re running this common self defeating pattern as I did for years.

…this video I recently made after a hike to a waterfall might deeply resonate with you.

I posted this in our Facebook community a few weeks ago… in this video I shared a personal process I’ve been dealing with over the past few years that’s slowly completely changing my life for the better… I call it “Saving The World vs Saving Yourself”.

It resonated with a lot of people, and so I thought of sharing it with our whole community.

PS. I’d love your feedback… As we are working on the upcoming Water Biohacking course, we’re planning on releasing a lot more videos that are not “podcast style” 1 hour content series,  but more bite-sized intimate pieces like this sharing our process, behind the scenes stories and content, and much more… let us know what you think.

PPS. Hope you’ve recovered from the holidays… and if you haven’t yet already, join our EVER Tribe family here.

8 thoughts on “Saving The World vs Saving Yourself

  • I struggle in this area myself. Thank you, Kacper, for sharing. I know that I’m not alone in this but it’s nice to hear someone else’s story. Connection <3

  • Hi Kacper, I listened to your video on Saving the World and everything that you said resonated. I too, often recall the information given by cabin crew about the need to fix the oxygen mask on ourselves first before assisting others. This sensible advice about first attending to our own essential needs can be applied to all situations.

    I am dismayed about the level of hatred and violence in the world where there is no respect for humanity and the sanctity of life. If only one could reach into the souls of the perpetrators of violence and remind them that they are contributing towards chaos when they could be promoting peace. Also, that this world is a beautiful gift and that everything is transient.

    It’s about time that we had peace on this planet, instead of endless wars and fighting! When will the human race ever become completely civilised?

  • Hello Kasper
    Thank you for all the information you have offered.
    Personally I am learning about looking after myself first. I don’t mean this in a selfish way. I find that the clearer I am the easier it is to help ours. This has developed for me to a place where I help people release their post traumatic stress with the use of energy balancing techniques . I enjoy seeing people let go of their stress (physical and/or emotional) within approximately an hour that I work with them.
    Sometimes we miss the real meaning of the statement “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. When we like ourselves better, that radiates outward to the universe.
    I wish you and yours a happy and safe path.

    ‘Have a Quantum Day’

  • I agree this is me , its hard not to want to save the world when you know the truth.
    You tell people the truth, they abuse you , call you names, ignore you, and more, then you just feel so sad that they are so brainwashed and hopeless, and scared of the truth, meantime we go out on a limb and suffer? When is enough enough ? when they kill you? I too share what many others like yourself do , we know this is not the world or life we should be living ,like slaves and sheep/Cattle, we need to get rid of the Evil Satanic Masonic Synagogue of Satan, then we will have true freedom and justice, or we continue to lose rights and watch silently while they kill our prophets, and rape the Children God Please Help Us .

  • Kacper, your authentic message has touched me deeply. It is so refreshing to hear you say all this and I, too have been on a similar journey, so your putting honest words to this realization has been so refreshing for me. I’m sure it will assist many in looking at this aspect of ourselves, and become even more whole (realize we are whole) because of it. Thank you!

  • Love your podcasts anyway and this short video really resonated to me. This is the third time I’ve been told to focus on MY Self before others. Thank you for the constant spiritual guidance! Love and Light to you and all the clan~✨❤️

  • Dear Kacper,

    Thanks for the sharing.

    You are lucky to have Joshua with you as he will constantly remind you of your
    purpose in life. Take his death experiences and messages as your own. Everything that was revealed to him was meant for everyone of us. I listened to his podcast a few times. It’s a wonderful reminder, when life seems meaningless.

    Another grand reminder of the purpose of life, is the NDE of Thomas Mellen.
    If you have not read his story, do find time to google it. Astounding revelations
    and realisations!

    It is another angle/perspective on the same process described by Joshua; but in a
    state of deeper consciousness. Turn on your visualisation when reading TM’s
    experience, and you too will journey into the beyond – the vast consciousness of
    our very Being.

    Thank God, for a wonderful world.

    Now listen to Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World.

    Have a great day folks.

  • Yah, Kacper,
    You and I can’t save the world. That’s already been done. We can only spread the word and let others know that it is all done. Most aren’t looking in the right place for the right change.
    Do most of us know what needs changing to save the world?
    Someone did. And HE did it.
    And each person has access as soon as he knows what it is.

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