Becoming Immortal and Fearless – An Interview with Bruce Lipton

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Dr. Bruce Lipton started out as a regular scientist observing cells and their deeper biology in his lab.
His entire faith was in science and his intellect and he says there wasn’t a single “spiritual cell” present in his body. 
Then… something happened…
What that “something ” was, he shares with us in this epic “going deep” interview about his process and personal story…
He then realized something that sent his scientific worldview into a nuclear melt down…
What transpired, abruptly, right in the lab, cannot be described with words other than a metamorphic heartfelt explosion and fundamental realization that will change and empower you to create and reprogram your own life, instantly!
Recalling this instant spiritual transformation, he shares his process of awakening to our frequencies and vibrations, that EVERYTHING follows consciousness, that we are potentially running programs which were instilled in us as a means of control, and… that we are not just our bodies. 
If you’re familiar with Dr. Lipton, his many mind-blowing  best-sellers…  you might already know the message he spreads is epic as he inspires millions and ingites the fire of hope in our hearts for the New Earth and beyond…
You will discover:
  • How you can’t actually die…
  • What the “field” is and how the broadcast extends further than you can imagine.
  • How our cells act as antennae for various signals, from others, from water, and from space.
  • Hidden harmful subconscious programs that are instilled from a very early age.
  • How to “change the world” by changing yourself and fueling it with creativity.



7 thoughts on “Becoming Immortal and Fearless – An Interview with Bruce Lipton

  • I agree with most of this, but the problem I have with this notion is that if we are creators of our reality, then we should not feel victim to the “controllers” of the planet. How can we be programmed if we are the ones programming our lives? So pick one…we are victim to an evil agenda or we are the masters of our reality and have created everything within it. But in my opinion, I don’t see how it can be both.

    • @Kevin, “you” are not being controlled by anyone, it’s a play on words… what can be “manipulated” in a sense is your sense of freedom and consciousness, what you pay consciousness to, that so becomes… the “control system” is a system which understands the laws of consciousness and principles of creation and we willfully give up our freedom away, nothing is done against our will… Turn off your TV, stop reading the news, examine your beliefs, and you will see how drastically and radically reality changes. The control grid is a merely a manipulation of our focus, channeling the intention and thoughts of millions into fear and scarcity… once you turn your gaze away from it… the reality shifts, and the matrix bubble pops 🙂 Hope that helps… Join the EVER Tribe facebook group for a more in-depth discussion of the topic!

  • Energy/consciousness creates matter.

    Energy/consciousness never dies. It does change its embodiment.

    The embodiment helps us to evolve in consciousness. We live what we don’t want to find out what we do want.
    Written by Bill Martin, [email protected]

  • Hi Joshua and Kacper,
    Some year ago I had became familiar with Bruce’s teaching. It was something resonating with me, but at the same time a bit confusing and complicated. Then I turned to Nonduality like Rupert Spira, Bob Adams and Wei Wu Wei. I felt there was something missing to be found and I did. Now listening to Bruce I notice him completely different, than some years ago, relaxed, happy and free from bonds. That’s also how I can feel after going through my journey. Thank you for sharing this material with us. It can be really liberating for some people from the community! At the same time when trying to understand it just with our mind there can be some time of struggle.
    Then just come back to your heart and ask “How am I feeling right now with this idea” and listen to an answer:))

    With love from Poland!

  • Joshua…
    I have almost always been moved by anything Bruce Lipton shares but…to find an interviewer who actually gives the person being interviewed their space….doesn’t compete with them for the microphone, and basically keeps their ego out of the
    exchange…well…THAT is a rare find these days. The end result was like intimately being in a room with Bruce with you being quietly present next to him. Fantastic! I will be sharing this interview for a long time to come. Each time I check in and see what you two are doing, I so wish we’d chosen where you are in Ecuador over

    warmest regards, namaste, salaam, god bless, much love,
    shalom, umanyano, ubuntu, big hug, mitakue oyasin, 
    and Всього найкращого!

    “Uncertainty always precedes sweeping change.”
    ~ Edmond Kirsch

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