Posts published on February 6, 2018

What It’s Like To Be Breatherian – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Awakening Retreat

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If you remember a while back we posted a podcast interviewing Ray Maor, an incredible man who’s basically traveling around the world initiating people into a pranic “breatherian” life-style. (Check out his site here:

This is a guy who hasn’t needed to eat for 5 years, never get’s hungry, and lives mostly on prana(cosmic energy)…

According to him, this transition is available to anyone who feels the calling in their heart, as the energies on the planet are ripe for this transformation for anyone who’s willing to go through the proper initiation.

It was an epic podcast and something in my heart told me to do this and see what happens, and it just so happened that he was coming to my home town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, to do an initiation.

So I did it…

Nothing prepared me for what would happen next… and how drastically my life would change.

Enjoy the video, as I really can’t put my thoughts and feelings into written words about this yet!

If you missed the original interview with Ray, click here to watch it now.

PS. Ray is hosting numerous initiation events all over the world and the next ones coming up are listed on his web-site here.