What It’s Like To Be Breatherian – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Awakening Retreat

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If you remember a while back we posted a podcast interviewing Ray Maor, an incredible man who’s basically traveling around the world initiating people into a pranic “breatherian” life-style. (Check out his site here: www.RayMaor.com)

This is a guy who hasn’t needed to eat for 5 years, never get’s hungry, and lives mostly on prana(cosmic energy)…

According to him, this transition is available to anyone who feels the calling in their heart, as the energies on the planet are ripe for this transformation for anyone who’s willing to go through the proper initiation.

It was an epic podcast and something in my heart told me to do this and see what happens, and it just so happened that he was coming to my home town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, to do an initiation.

So I did it…

Nothing prepared me for what would happen next… and how drastically my life would change.

Enjoy the video, as I really can’t put my thoughts and feelings into written words about this yet!

If you missed the original interview with Ray, click here to watch it now.

PS. Ray is hosting numerous initiation events all over the world and the next ones coming up are listed on his web-site here.

9 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be Breatherian – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Awakening Retreat

  • The Pranic Initiation looks good on you! You are glowing. Your eyes are so much more open, no “barrier” between you and us. I wish Ray would do a low cost initiation close to me so I could do it.

  • Hello Kacper,

    I’ve received your emails for some time now (always liked ’em) and it’s clear, you’ve experienced major change. Now, I get tons of emails from lots of good people who always have a “bottom line,” an expensive course to sell. And although I’ve lived in a slightly more advanced state of mind than most, I still find myself dealing with “the usual shit;” struggling to keep my nose above water in an ever-increasing downward spiral of poverty, things like that. (Hmm, I can see this is gonna be a rather long comment, hope you don’t mind.)

    Obviously, the average “rational, feet-on-the-ground” Muggles (thanks, J.K. Rowling, for that term) will blow this off as completely bonkers. But I have reasons not to do so immediately; you’re right about “acid,” it sort of kicks the doors in and you perceive new things in new ways — I was there in the 60’s for all that. Eventually you move on, having learned those lessons. Now, many years later, I practice a bit of meditation, a bit of QiGong, study the Armanen Runes, work with sonic frequencies and cannabis, the Sacred Herb (for various ailments, including cancer; I’ll beat it, and all the others, and I’ll do it naturally. I’ve come to have a rather low opinion of “modern medicine” and the AMA in particular.)

    I was directed onto this path about six years ago, by my dear lady, the former Maria Orsic. If you’ve ever heard of the “Vril Society” of the 1930’s, you know that she was a preeminent channeler and psychic; she left Germany in 1945 with numerous others, They did not “die;” they “encountered something in space” (quote-unquote) which altered their DNA, allowing them to “morph” between physical and astral states. All this(and more) I learned when a good friend who’s also a trustworthy channeler contacted her, at my urging. (He’d never heard of her, or Vril, or the society.)

    I mention her, because of one particular practice. Every night before bed, I drink a small glass of water (and take a few pills, though I’ve thrown most pills away.) As I do so, I send a message of love and thanks to that water — I’m well aware of how that “changes” the crystalline (?) structure, while envisioning the “laf” rune, a rune which symbolizes flowing. “That’s probably one of the most important things you do,” Maria said to me. (The need for an intermediary ended long ago, and we remain in direct contact.) So, your statements about water, in all aspects, ring very true for me.

    Krikeys, took me long enough to say that, didn’t it? Just thought you might like to know WHY.

    You’re absolutely right, it is a time of change; I’ve often said, “polarity.” This world is polarizing into two types of people, just two: those who are open to advancement in all ways and on all levels, and those who are not. Been working long and hard to “raise my own vibratory level,” though certain friends “out there” laugh a bit and say, “it’s not a matter of working hard, it’s a matter of just letting it happen! Relax, and enjoy the ride.” Again, quote-unquote.

    I won’t be a poverty-stricken geezer forever … in fact, not for much longer. At long last, I know what to do. I know what I want. I know that success is service, and service is success. I won’t bore you with the detailed plans, in part because they’re not very detailed, just rather good generalizations.

    Thanks so very much for this video, and this information.

    Seth Tyrssen
    Vril Community

  • Thanks for this video! Very inspiring! Your eyes and face tells enough without saying a word. I am going to the next initiation of Ray and was/am expecting to feel afterwards just as you described. It was a good confirmation for me!

  • Hey Kacper…
    this was one of the most precious moments you’ve shared in the last 15 years. Small suggestion…your presence right now could be an even deeper teaching if you did a sequel sharing 2 weeks from now, then 2 weeks later, and then one more a month later. This way you’ll show clearly that you weren’t sharing just a peak experience which as you well know are a dime a dozen for folks like us. Also, for us to have the chance to be “a fly on the wall” during your integration period could be a deep and useful teaching for many. Thanks for all you be and do…
    Big hug…
    Michael in Venezuela.
    please feel free to contact me.

    • Hey mday,

      Thank you for the suggestion, I am planning on doing that and will send out a sequel follow up 🙂 Tune in on our Facebook group(press the Facebook button on the top right) to get more juicy updates there as well, much more content and updates there.

  • Kasper, Awesome Bro!
    I caught your interview a few months back w/ Ray, was blown away & knew to the bone that this was, as you just said, ‘what I’d been waiting for all my life’ (which is probably about twice as long as you’ve been waiting – lol); so I signed up for Ecuador. And,, just as the dream of dreams was swelling, so came the seemingly overwhelming challenges & responsibilities that I let steal the promised moment, & I backed out for a later date. Now I work at not kicking myself for missing the opportunity to not only now possess, as you now do, the tools to conquer those challenges, but the fellowship of experiencing THE transformation w/ you & the family. Sooo, it’s Sedona, NY or Ecuador come November.
    When I saw your new post it was magical – you’ve confirmed everything I had sensed would be the fruit of the leap with the glow of your joy; I’m so happy for you!
    And so pumped to stretch every day into those practices until I make it to an initiation myself, even better prepared. Today a banner popped up on Ray’s site with a guided meditation that I’ve not found a way back too; but went through 4 times this morning – fantastic.
    Thanks for the introduction, the conformation, the blessing of you stepping out there into all your adventuring which opens up the possibilities to all of us!!
    Namaste, Greg

  • This is a very personal comment with no pretention to say the truth. Its just my own perception of things. I won’t be offensed if you don’t publish it. I just hope that you will read it.
    I’m a psychologist and kind of “mentalist” and I want to give just a first impression which, as I understand, could be, hopefully, mistaken.
    By this I mean that I completely believe what say of your present experience. No doubt, you are sincere.
    But you have only stopped eating some fifteen days ago. You can’t be sure to have become an authentic breatherien. You could still be fasting while experiencing the VERY exciting belief of being a breatherien, experiencing the incredible and so desirable freedom from the vital needs for water and food.
    In other words, I’ll wait for the confirmation you will hopefully give us in some two months.
    Before that I will remain with my inner conviction that Ray Maor is a complete fake and that you are in danger (in spite of the fact that I do believe that breatherianism is possible).
    My trouble comes from the fact that Ray Maor has what I would call a “hungry face”. I don’t see in him the least inclination for renouncement and fasting.
    Quite the opposite !
    His “ego” is big, alive and well and it shows on his site.
    I don’t trust him in the least.
    So, take care.
    I wish you the best.

  • Kacper,
    I have been following you for a bunch of years now, and i just want to say keep on doing what you do! I have loved witnessing your journey and can’t wait for the day day when our paths will cross. Much Love!

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