An Honour To Be Among You – A Few Words From My Heart

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I was recently hiking through the mountains and got inspried to share a few words from my heart in a way that I have never openly shared with the Internet before…. but I feel it’s about time.

In this video I share with you how I believe how our tribe our tribe of spiritual warriors draws the line and makes a stand for the New Earth, what drives us to live the way we do, the silent itch that’s been gnawing at our insides since we were children… waiting for the right time…  the time is now…


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19 thoughts on “An Honour To Be Among You – A Few Words From My Heart

  • Hey Kacper – I feel you, I see you, I’m here with you. It’s happening, and this is a time to celebrate together. In joy, friend
    Laurel from London

  • thank you, as my comment is pretty strange…as usual… there never been such a thing like any prediction of the future.. but only projections of possible events in the future, by “inner voting “. of all combined Humanity….with projection to year 2018…. take some “question” for better perception : ” Is that right, that everybody can train its mind, to “collapse ” its holographic body into zero point energy-space , to reappear in any desired place of the Universe, as Russian Anastasia and Her children do, and some Tibetan monks do, as well ” ?…. and Everybody will be a Winner.. all the best.

  • Thank you Kacper… It is an honor to get to know you… and thank you for such wonderful… beautiful message…

  • I have never felt I belonged here. I have searched all my life and never found a place where I felt I belonged. The last 10 years’ have experienced many miracles; on the spiritual level and on a psychic level. Not knowing whether I am unique or that I have experienced phenomena similar to what others have been experiencing, in these last 10 years or so. I would very much like to compare what others have been experiencing as our pineal glands have been going through a highten level of awareness.

  • I have experienced having the Holy Ghost re-join my bodies, after a violent Family situation. I have had a tiny person come up to my bed; twice at different locations. I. never felt afraid but actually happy. I have had two tunnels appear at two locations above my bed with the same view at the other end, a golden leaf tree with whitish grey bark and lush green vegetation surrounding the tree. I had a deep tissue sample taken from my lower thigh above the knee. the three to four cm hole had straight edges. I looked through my bedding; finding no blood stains. their was no pain associated with the hole, no bleeding, no sore spot, and a knowing that this tissue sample was healing fine, needing no extra care. I have looked up from my easy chair seeing an image of a man standing were my coffee table stood; then his image was gone as fast as he appeared. I had a fleeting white mist appear beside me; then crossed in front of me and disappeared. I’ve experience conversation around me and different aromas come to me with no routine cause in this physical realm. Orbs of bright sparkly lights appear in the air of my room. I found a suicide victim parked down from my mail box; behind the back of his truck laying in the grass. I drove by the truck on four occasions; with stomach going into knots before I actually stopped. I said a pray for the late individual; asking God to forgive him for taking his life. To intercede on his behalf; because it is crime against the Creator for taking one’s life. Two nights later, while driving past the site, I drove through a very bright light; about where a passenger would sit. I seem to instinctively know what this appertained too; so, I did not stop but continued driving home. On the next evening, I stopped to find a physical explanation and their was none. I have been experiencing a deep feeling as to what tools I would need for that day. My spiritual ascension seems to be of greater importance than experiencing UFO sightings. I feel that their is a critical mass needed, for Humanity on Earth, too ascend to the fourth dimension. This is of great importance. Those that go against the Creator will have to experience the end of times as we near the end of the present cycle; before, entering the Golden Age of Humanity. AI individuals or technology will be neutralized during this period. I feel that the Sphere People will evacuate the more enlightened of Humanity on Earth; to be taken to safety. These are the giant spheres that the ISS cameras captured on film; showing an Earth based laser beam hitting the Sphere and was bounced back down to Earth, from where it originated from. Apparently causing much damage and the loss of 2400 personnel, at the Earth based instillation in Africa. It seems their are rogue US forces perpetrating illegal Acts Against Humanity, and Guilty of Committing Acts of Genocide, taking part in a Slave Trade, being Involved in a Slave Sex Ring and a Sex Slave Trade, and it goes further as they look the Other Way when Aliens take Humans for Food in Trade for Technology. The Military Industrial Complex is engaged in Criminal Enterprises. The Dark Fleet is part of this Criminal Enterprise that is part an parcel of the Deep Space Program. Bringing over those Rabid Nazi Scientists, approximately 1400 Space Scientists during WW2 was the German Trojan Horse that the Star People have been warning against. They have infiltrated the Military and the Industrial Complex working for the Military. The Star People expect us too to Reign in This Terror Campaign, working with or for the Cabal, the Inner Shadow Government Ruling Earth. This Campaign is Going on as We Speak; sending ET home. Their are Alien Allies that have been attacked i.e. The Ant People, who have been protecting the Indigenous People, when the Floods occur and the Scorched Earth Phenomena at the End of the Long Eras that the Hindu Texts describe, which have been occurring on a regular basis throughout Human History on Earth. I sincerely hope the Space Alliance and Solar Warden curtail the Cabal’s Activities on Earth finally. I think us Humans want an End to the Slave Existence on Earth at the Hands of the Cabal. To finally take over our own affairs.

  • I have just joined the Tribe of Spiritual Warriors of the Light of Truth; Spiritual Warriors of the the New Earth! I was allowed to reincarnate to be one of this tribe of spiritual warriors. There are many around the world today – but generally disconnected from each other. Part of the disconnect on an ethereal or psychic spiritual level is due to the fact that each cluster of spiritual warriors are drawing and functioning from different levels of Spiritual Knowledge.

    Naturally, the more all-embracing or comprehensive the system of knowledge from which one draws the more powerful and accurate will be our march toward personal and collective spiritual self-renewal. If this simple view is acceptable to you as logical and true, then I would like to invite you to read this unique work:
    “IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, THE GRAIL MESSAGE” by Abd-ru-shin. The objective and earnest seeker of Truth who reads it in the spirit of truth will come to recognize it as the BOOK OF CREATION; the new Divine Cosmology of Existence! All questions of life, self and reality…answered!

    It is recommended you get the composite of the 3 volumes to be read consecutively. Go to: USA; or UK.

    Feel free to also contact me on +44 (0) 7802 464 123 or E: [email protected]

    Warm Regards

    Lawton Brown

  • Thanks Kacper. I feel the same. Enough is enough! Time for us all to step into the light, be the light, and share the light.

  • Bless you.

    If only there was peace on earth and how I would love to see that in my lifetime!
    No more wars, no more violence, only kindness and understanding – respect and admiration for our beautiful, magnificent planet, which should be appreciated for all that it has to offer!

    Thank you.

  • Thank you, with love and gratitude, for your courage and leadership in stepping forward to challenge all, specially the young Masters now walking the Earth to come into their power and knowledge.
    Namaste dear Kacper
    Michele Gabrielle

  • I feel the same way my friend, We are trying to wake up and this dark blankets keep coming up and coming up and i have the feeling of moving forward and i can and i know i have to….And you are right the people on this time on hearth are WARRIORS Some of them still sleeping !!
    Blessings !!

  • Dear Casper, thank you for sharing your heart with us, for your courage to speak your truth to us so that we recognize it in our Selves. Thank you for being a Soul Mirror.

  • Kacper, I very much appreciate your message and I am most grateful that you chose to share it. What you have expressed has prompted my following response.

    The reason we believe we are where we are and in the state we’re in is because we don’t remember what we are. Yes, we have been here many,many times but do we really know where ‘here’ is? Possibly we believe ‘here’ is a tangible location in space and time from where we, in our physical bodies, perceive a world that is external to our point of view. A world of perception that is comprised of objects that we label and assign meanings to; meanings that let us know what each object is for and how it relates to other objects. And it is our desire to learn about objects, discover objects, figure out objects, compare objects, organize objects, obtain objects, possess objects, control objects, receive pleasure from objects and so on that impels, the ‘myself’ which we identify ourselves as being, through our journey to death (everything eventually dies in this world).

    In a world of perception there is no such thing as a present time sandwiched between a past and future. Our attention is either in the past or in the future and every choice we make activates a future probability that, in it’s being actualized, instantly becomes a past experience. Why and how are there future probabilities? The future is motivated by past experiences that we envision as scenarios that we project in the form of thought beyond where we can perceive. We then express the future as being what we hope will happen, what we desire to have happen or what we fear will happen.

    If we were to zoom out so that we could look at all of time from a great distance, what we would see is the symbol for infinity (the figure 8 laying horizontal). Notice the symbol is a closed loop. On this symbol imagine that it is covered in tiny little dots. Every dot represents an inconceivable span of years. From this zoomed out point of view, we see that the entirety of the years represented by what seem to be countless dots, exist in time simultaneously. The dots are in fixed positions on the loop, they are not moving. It is not time that moves; it is our shifting our attention from one stationary moment to the next that makes it seem like time and objects are flowing. From this point of view we can recognize that what we interpret as being the past and the future is the same; i.e., the past is the future and the future is the past?

    What is a moment? A moment is a story; that is, a label coupled to significance assigned to an object. Stories we tell that we both believe and disbelieve are what make the illusion of time. From a body identity’s point of view, the ‘myself’ is an identity in progress; i.e, a story unfolding in time. Clearly, though, from this zoomed out point of view where we now are we can see that this is not the case. We tell ourselves, each other and the universe that we want to wake up, that we’re ready to wake up; however, what is it exactly that we believe we need to wake up from?

    What we need to wake up from is our dream of time. A couple of other labels we could use to identify the figure 8 laying on its side are: “Groundhog Day” (referring, of course, to the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray) or, we could call the horizontal loop with a twist in its middle…The Dream of a World of Perception where Prime Source, Eternity, Truth, Love, Peace and Knowledge seem to be being continually shattered into smaller and smaller fragments where each fragment represents a version of what it claims to be and has an exact opposite that is implied every time it is mentioned.

    Until we awaken from the dream of time and remember what we are, we will remain trapped in the dream of time where we seem to endlessly re-experience the same stories again and again ad infinitum. In the dream of time history can’t help but repeat itself.

    We are not our stories. If we were to use the sun to represent Prime Source, we would be the rays of the sun and there is no place where the sun ends and the rays begin.

  • Hello Kacper Thank you for your beautiful initiative to bring the tribe together. Sending you light to support you and look forward to hear more from you and a big hello to all the other members. Shanti (Ghent Belgium)

  • Thank you so much. This was really needed in my life today. I have been awake since 2012 and battleing addiction. Today I am clean and i needed to hear this. I do so good then bamm something happens and i fall short. I will make it this time because i dont want to be left behind. Thank you so much for holding the space for us who have issues with addiction. I was a heroin addict for 0ver 20 years, and then pharmaceuticals. I say theres no difference in opiates be it from the streets or from a doctor. I watched your show on addiction and the stuff to take to get off heroin and opiates, but i cant get a hold of it. That was quite awhile back. I know i can do this i have done it before. I have to do this thing so i can share my experience with many other addicts. Just being awake isnt enough to beat addiction. I am learning to do clearings, break curses, clear attachments etc. Its hard work, but i know i can do it. I thank every one of you who have been working hard in your ascension process, and holding the space of light for all of us . Thank you all so very much. Yes i believe we have been here before. Many many times. I do not want to come back. We can do this thing together. Thank you so much for being dedicated and working so hard for all of us Kacper. It seems so funny because i have been following you for quite some time now, and you pop up with exactly what i need when i need it. I Love you and everyone else who is part of this Tribe. We are one, and i am doing my best to clear all my garbage so all the rest of you and the world can be freed from the dark ones. I Love you, I love you, I Love you !!! Brenda

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