A Long Time Ago.. In Ancient Egypt

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When I heard this, it totally blew my mind…

A while ago, long before we began our full work on the Water Academy… I found out that in Ancient Egypt, the word “priest” or “priestess”, the highest class of their hyper-advanced civilization that held all the mystical knowledge and know-how of their pyramid building and energy generating technologies…

…that word actually meant “The One Who Works With Water”

This blew my mind, and I was deeply puzzled… Why would the highest class in this ancient civilization that knew how to utilize free energy and advanced matter manipulation technologies that allowed them to build the pyramids consider the master keepers of their knowledge as “the ones who work with water”?

I knew water was important… but that important?

I had to find out why, and I began to ask some serious questions, my journey led me down a path of discovery that completely changed my life, how I look at water, this reality, and the monumental task before humanity right now if we are going to make it together through the times ahead:

Everything I’ve learned I share with you in “the Way of the Water Wizard”

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How legitimate experiments are now taking place where human DNA is being TELEPORTED through water. This is completely changing our view on biology, our genetics, origins, and what is possible with water.

How you can use the same science of water’s bio-physics to completely transform your health, unleash your full potential, and bring the magic back into your life.

The 4 key essentials of bio-hacking water and transforming it’s energetic resonance patterns within your cells to rapidly detox your body deeper than any detox you’ve ever done(and much more than that)

How the water in your cells creates your reality.

Advanced “water wizardry” tools for literally bending your reality according to your intentions through the understanding of water…
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Cofounder, EVER
Author of the Way of the Water Wizard

PS. Great news! We are launching the full version of the Let the Magic Flow EARLY this week 😃

More exciting announcements to come, I just posted an epic update video in the EVER Tribe, more to come soon! We’re taking a chill pill this weekend to rest and recover from the production and things are really going to hit the ground running this week, lots of videos to come on water science, a surprise guest interview with a female rockstar researcher/author in water science. Stay tuned!