About Us

Welcome to Ever.

Our mission is to be of service to humanity by connecting people with the ancient new wisdom, and cutting edge breakthroughs in health and science that change forever how you look at this reality, awaken within you the recognition of who you truly are, and the true creative and co-creative power of your consciousness.

We recognize that there is a massive consciousness shift cooking on this planet right now, that there have been secrets hidden from humanity for ages, and a massive control grid manipulating human consciousness which has kept us blind to our true potential.

We feel now is the time for everything that has been hidden and suppressed both within us and on a planetary level to be brought into the forefront of our awareness.

Whether it’s bio-hacking water, healing from our collective human trauma, un-earthing forbidden science, or looking at the true nature of our consciousness, we’re here to face it all with love, laughter and understanding.

Everything under the sun.

About the Founders

Joshua and Kacper are life-long friends with a passion for truth, laughter and staring into the sweet abyss of the mystery.
Their friendship has been tested through the galvanizing forces of time by shot-gun wounds, earthquakes and the general insanity when two people with massive egos try to collaborate on a vision together.
The thread that holds it all together is the laughter and hilarity which ensues when it becomes evident… we’re in one massive cosmic joke.
Currently they are pouring their focus into building the ever community, the Ever Podcast, and building transformational products in the area of health, water, and consciousness.  
About Joshua
Joshua is one of those rare individuals who has physically died, gone to the other-side, and come back.
Not once, but 4 times.
He’s been on the path of self inquiry for over 30 years and has successfully gotten nowhere.  
Joshua spends an enormous amount of time researching, and is generally regarded by friends and family as a big walking Viking encyclopedia of esoteric knowledge, health, and yogic traditions.
He’s currently recovering from an epic ordeal after getting shot with a shot-gun at point blank range during a home invasion, it’s quite an epic story, which we covered on Ever Podcast episode 4.
Other interesting facts: He’s also been heavily involved in martial arts, holding a black belt in many styles, and was a national karate champion.  He was an Ibogaine facilitator for 12 years.
About Kacper
Kacper started his career trying to make the world a better place by doing everything he could to make free energy on this planet a reality.
This mission got vastly derailed when a spiritual awakening took hold of him and rendered him nearly useless and quite dysfunctional in the practical sense. He has since then been trying to figure out how to make practical sense of the vision burning in his heart.
He spends most of his time writing, creating podcasts, and putting together the many practical steps necessary to turn the vision of ever into reality.
Other interesting facts:  Kacper is an avid poet, a dedicated single dad, and can make music out of any instrument in his hands.  He also recently filmed a documentary called “Quantum Leap.”