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What It’s Like To Be Breatherian – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Awakening Retreat

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If you remember a while back we posted a podcast interviewing Ray Maor, an incredible man who’s basically traveling around the world initiating people into a pranic “breatherian” life-style. (Check out his site here: www.RayMaor.com)

This is a guy who hasn’t needed to eat for 5 years, never get’s hungry, and lives mostly on prana(cosmic energy)…

According to him, this transition is available to anyone who feels the calling in their heart, as the energies on the planet are ripe for this transformation for anyone who’s willing to go through the proper initiation.

It was an epic podcast and something in my heart told me to do this and see what happens, and it just so happened that he was coming to my home town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, to do an initiation.

So I did it…

Nothing prepared me for what would happen next… and how drastically my life would change.

Enjoy the video, as I really can’t put my thoughts and feelings into written words about this yet!

If you missed the original interview with Ray, click here to watch it now.

PS. Ray is hosting numerous initiation events all over the world and the next ones coming up are listed on his web-site here.

Beneficial & Dangerous Crystals – How They Affect Your Consciousness and Water – Interview With Satyam Vinaya

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Links from Interview:
Contact Vinaya directly here: Click here to contact Vinaya
Crystals are at the foundation of our current technological civilization…
…in fact, there is not a single computer or cell phone that doesn’t rely on them, they run our whole world…

…and yet, their true potential in our technological and spiritual advancement is poorly understood….

Most people know that crystals are used in micro-chips, but few know that crystals, like water, can directly interface with human consciousness.

…or that Marcel Vogel, the late research scientist who pioneered many of IBMs liquid crystal displays left IBM after 27 years to devote his life to the study of how crystals and their subtle energies affect water and affect consciousness…

(fact: Today, the “Vogel Crystal” is one of the most powerful crystals for structuring water)

We know from his research that crystals have a massive effect on water, it’s structure, and it’s ability to hold memory…

Now think about this… you are 99% water by molecular count.

Is it possible that if crystals can affect water, they may also have an effect on your consciousness?

And if this is the case, wouldn’t it be possible to use this advanced consciousness interfacing technology for the betterment of your life, your family, and humanity?

We already know that the very structure of our DNA is surrounded by a special type of liquid-crystal water… a type of  water that does not freeze at even -40C, does not boil at 100C, and can hold memory…

This liquid-crystalline water is the hot spot of water research today and we know for a fact that not a single biological process happens in your body without it, it is what we at EVER call the divine super-conductor of life.

Crystals and this this liquid-crystal water which lives inside of every one of your cells have a very special and intimate connection…

Crystals can be used to structure water, and can be programmed with subtle frequencies that affect human consciousness much more profoundly than the average person would think…
And if you ever wanted to know more about them… then you’re in for a treat…
I’m happy to release an interview we recently recorded with an amazing man who I am honoured to call my friend, who goes by the name: Vinaya
Vinaya is a “spiritual rock-hound.”
…an expert on crystals, he’s been obsessed with the study and collection of various crystals throughout his whole life, and knows more about them and their various properties, especially their affect your consciousness, than anyone else I know.

Vinaya has a gift, a special intuitive connection with crystals and stones, and can tell you which crystals could help you with your current life situation just by talking to you… and he’s very spot on…
Having spent a lot of time with OSHO in his youth, he has a spiritual depth and understanding of life that brings levity, peace and wisdom to his friends and family. 

I must admit, I’ve always been interested in crystals, but never paid them much thought… however after spending time with Vinaya, I’ve learned I’ve been a little bit of an ignoramus on the topic.
Crystals are epic.

Some of them can help you grow in awareness, and create epic healing water…

Some of them are toxic to water…

Some of them are actually down-right dangerous as they accelerate negative karmic influences, can attract illness and accidents… you’ll hear Vinaya’s hilarious story about his encounter with one of these in India… (Little did I know, I was actually wearing one of these around my neck!)

Since consulting with Vinaya, I threw out the stone I was wearing, and I’ve been using 3 types of crystals and stones over the past 2 months to bring subtle changes into my field which are having profound effects in my life…  

My dreams have gotten incredibly lucid with powerful signs, guidance, and much more which I’ll share more about in our EVER Tribe group this week.
We are going to be working closely with Vinaya in our upcoming Water Bio-Hacking course “Let The Magic Flow” which is due to release in February, to create an epic download on how to use crystals with your water for advanced energetic imprinting.
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about crystals, how they affect your consciousness, and water… then dive into this interview, as we cover over 19 different types of crystals, and how you can work with their subtle frequencies to grow in awareness, bring better health, attract abundance, improve your water, and much more.

PS. This is an audio interview, but as we cover the various types of stones and crystals, they pop up on the screen in the video for your reference.  I highly recommend you check out Vinaya’s web-site which we link below the video if you’d like to contact him for his expertiece.



Saving The World vs Saving Yourself

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Are you more and more awake to what is really going on on this planet? 

Do you have a burning desire in your heart to make a difference, but sometimes don’t know where to start, especially as you feel “up against the ropes” with the every-day challenges of your personal life?

Then perhaps like me, you’re running this common self defeating pattern as I did for years.

…this video I recently made after a hike to a waterfall might deeply resonate with you.

I posted this in our Facebook community a few weeks ago… in this video I shared a personal process I’ve been dealing with over the past few years that’s slowly completely changing my life for the better… I call it “Saving The World vs Saving Yourself”.

It resonated with a lot of people, and so I thought of sharing it with our whole community.

PS. I’d love your feedback… As we are working on the upcoming Water Biohacking course, we’re planning on releasing a lot more videos that are not “podcast style” 1 hour content series,  but more bite-sized intimate pieces like this sharing our process, behind the scenes stories and content, and much more… let us know what you think.

PPS. Hope you’ve recovered from the holidays… and if you haven’t yet already, join our EVER Tribe family here.

Happy Holidays! 2017 Recap and What’s Coming Up in 2018 at EVER

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Here’s a short video from us just to say “Happy Holidays”, “Thank you”… and a recap of what happened in 2017 at EVER, and what we have in plan for 2018.
Thank you for your support this year, watching our videos, listening to our podcasts, and participating in our live events, you have made our lives worth living again and helped us get off the ground.
2017 was a really intense year, as we finally reconnected after the shotgun wounds and 8.0 Earthquakes of 2016, got EVER off the planning boards, launched the podcast, and began to focus on what we are most passionate about: Water, Consciousness, and providing humanity with the tools necessary to help build the New Earth, together.
If you haven’t yet joined the EVER Tribe Group, you may have been left wondering where we’ve been for the past month.
We’ve been very hard at work on a new project(more in the video).
We’re taking Biohacking Water to the next level, and building a video course which we hope will enable anyone, no matter their background, to learn how to “Biohack water”, heal physical ailments with water, and rapidly accelerate spiritual growth.
We are almost 3 months in on this project and nearing completion, sometimes working 7 days a week… 
Every-day the urge to write, share, make videos and podcasts is overwhelming, and I cringe when I think of some of the EPIC guests we’ve had to turn away from the podcast over the past many weeks…
…but the simple fact is it would take time away from the project, which we have to get done… so for now, we’re putting our noses to the grind-stone.
During this down-time as we spend 95% of our time on the project, we are still posting content, answering questions, and exploring some new topics inside the EVER Tribe Facebook group, join us there if you want more EVER.
Much love to you and your family, thank you, and happy Holidays.

The Tribe Is Gathering – Join The New EVER Facebook Group

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The EVER Tribe is Gathering

The new private EVER Facebook group is live, and you’re officially invited, if you love our work and want more, please come join, we’d love to meet you.

In the group, we post new behind the scenes videos, extra content, and important announcements on upcoming projects and events, we answer questions about the podcasts, and much more…

What happened to the old group…

A while back we launched a Facebook group and it went wild, as nearly 1,000 tribe members(perhaps yourself) signed up in just a few days and we began to release a lot of epic content…

If you joined, you may have been left scratching your head wondering what happened to us and all the videos.

Well, it’s a long story, but the short of it, the group got hi-jacked by someone we had helping us, and I don’t want to get into the details as it’s quite sad.

The good news is…

We’re back online with the new group, and already over 250 members have joined and we’re having a ton of fun.

We’d like to gather the tribe as we have a huge announcement coming this week with a brand new project we are very busy putting together.

So come join to make sure you don’t miss out on all the goodies + the announcement.

The purpose of the group is to bring together a tribe of like minded people on the same frequency who resonate with the mission, the vision of the New Earth, and want to make a difference on this planet.

Whether it’s bio-hacking water, healing from our collective human trauma, un-earthing forbidden science, or looking at the true nature of our consciousness, we’re here to face it all, together, with love, laughter and understanding.

Click here now to join the new group now.

PS. When you sign up to the new group, please make sure to press the “like” button and “follow” the group for important updates, that way you’ll make sure you don’t miss anything.

PPS. Please make sure to watch the brand new pinned video we just posted, thank you!