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New Event: SINGULARITY – Breathwork, Self Inquiry, Breakthrough

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Singularity is about stepping deeper into your heart of hearts, into the true mystery that you are, building clarity around your dharma(your true life’s purpose) and discovering how to naturally align your thoughts, intentions, and actions with this frequency so that you may begin to live a truly authentic life. Click here or the image above to learn more about the event.

New Event: Live Online Two Day Water Biohacking Retreat

Written by Topics : Kacper Postawski

EVER - Let The Magic Flow - LIVE Online Two Day Water Biohacking Retreat

How To Use Advanced Water Science To Do The Seemingly Miraculous and ‘Impossible’

If you’d like to get hands on training and learn everything there is to know about biohacking water for rapid healing, cellular regeneration, and accelerated spiritual growth, Joshua and I would like to invite you to our first ever live online retreat: Let The Magic Flow

If you listened to our most popular episode “How to Biohack Water – Part 1”, you may remember we dropped a couple bombshells, including:

  • Mind-blowing science and healing modalities being used on the planet right now to heal the body with nothing but water…
  • Naturally occurring carbon molecules which are doubling the life-spans of mammals…

For those interested, we promised we’d get into this during a live event in the future… and so, we’re doing it now.

Nothing we’ve ever talked about publicly before comes remotely close to the subject matter we’ll be diving into during this event.

This is not another boring talk about structured water or alkaline water

This is real cutting-edge breakthrough science, some of it likely 10 to 15 years ahead of it’s time, and as promised, we’ll be taking off the gloves, and sharing everything with you during the online event.

More importantly, we’ll be bringing everything into the practical and giving you hands on training on how to do all this at home with your own water… so you’ll be able to immediately apply this into your life to create results in your well-being on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.  

Why Are We Calling This Webinar Series a ‘Retreat’?

We’re calling this a retreat because we’re going to be treating it like one, we’ll be spending two days with you going deep into this knowledge and taking time to integrate, go within, and honour our spirit during the process.

Let the Magic Flow is not just about bio-hacking water, it’s about stepping into a new way of being in life, using water and this science to align your entire being with the new frequencies pulsing through this planet right now, and letting the magic in your life flow again.

Instant replays will be available for all participants and seating is limited to 500.  We’re two weeks away and we’re on track to sell out completely, so please claim your seat early and  click here to register now.