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Becoming Immortal and Fearless – An Interview with Bruce Lipton

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Dr. Bruce Lipton started out as a regular scientist observing cells and their deeper biology in his lab.
His entire faith was in science and his intellect and he says there wasn’t a single “spiritual cell” present in his body. 
Then… something happened…
What that “something ” was, he shares with us in this epic “going deep” interview about his process and personal story…
He then realized something that sent his scientific worldview into a nuclear melt down…
What transpired, abruptly, right in the lab, cannot be described with words other than a metamorphic heartfelt explosion and fundamental realization that will change and empower you to create and reprogram your own life, instantly!
Recalling this instant spiritual transformation, he shares his process of awakening to our frequencies and vibrations, that EVERYTHING follows consciousness, that we are potentially running programs which were instilled in us as a means of control, and… that we are not just our bodies. 
If you’re familiar with Dr. Lipton, his many mind-blowing  best-sellers…  you might already know the message he spreads is epic as he inspires millions and ingites the fire of hope in our hearts for the New Earth and beyond…
You will discover:
  • How you can’t actually die…
  • What the “field” is and how the broadcast extends further than you can imagine.
  • How our cells act as antennae for various signals, from others, from water, and from space.
  • Hidden harmful subconscious programs that are instilled from a very early age.
  • How to “change the world” by changing yourself and fueling it with creativity.



Weaponized Fungus – The Ultimate Conspiracy – Interview With Patty Yu

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Does Fungus Really Rule The World?

A lot of people are starting to acknowledge that there is a small percentage of incredibly wealthy people controlling the world through the pharmaceutical corporations, big energy, the financial system… and beyond…

But what if the rabbit hole went way deeper than that?

Did you know there’s a Cordyceps fungus that takes over the bodies of snails and ants, and forces the animal to commit suicide to help spread the fungus? The fungus overrides the programmed survival instinct of the animal, which is a fundamental instinct in any human being and animal… the fungus can override that, and makes the animal commit suicide…

There are thousands of different varieties of this fungus, each one targeting a different type of insect:

Is it possible that there is a fungus like this that targets humans(perhaps not to the same extent)?

If you had a fungal infestation like this inside of your brain and body, think about what it could do to you, how it could control your thoughts, feelings, actions, choices, and behaviour?

This fungus does exists.

…and about 90% of all humanity is infested with it.

If you have constant cravings for sugar, bread, carbs, or alcohol it’s almost guaranteed that you’re infested with it.

And Big Pharma does not not want you to be aware of it, as it stands to lose Billions if people wake up to this fact.

Six years ago, Joshua and I quietly sparked an underground revolution (on the side) that is now picking up speed and poising itself to be one of the most disruptive movements to Big Pharma and the ruling elite…

With over 12,800 group members, over 6 years of mind-bending self healing stories… in this interview with Patty Yu the community manager of Candida Cleanser, for the first time ever we’re spilling the beans about our involvement with this mission, and bringing to light information that we were too careful to openly talk about before…

If you’ve ever looked on in disbelief, anger, and hopelessness at how the pharmaceutical industry is killing people world-wide, and wished there was something you could do about it, watch this video interview for inspiration and to get involved.

You’ll discover:

  • How we sparked a massive global healing movement with a small ridiculous ugly website… it got attacked for being a “Scam”, yet now it’s helped tens of thousands of people heal themselves, with over 12,800 ravings fans on the open FB group.
  • How you too can use this invention to heal yourself and your family.
  • Patty’s incredible life-changing story of how she brought herself back to life after being sure she was going to die young.
  • What’s really running the world and responsible for the toxic decisions of our so called “leaders”, is it the cabal/illuminati, or is it the secondary nervous system of a toxic weaponized fungus hell bent on feeding itself to no end? Or both?
  • How a small community of people is slowly crushing the pharmaceutical industry and healing thousands of people from systemic candida fungal infestation…With their own discovery which they tried to hide to keep people sick.
  • The hilarious story of how Health Spas in Koh Samui Thailand began to get irritated, as he discovered something so disruptive to the global health crisis that it even threatened the legit cleansing industry:

Joshua: “In The End the Spas in Koh Samui got pissed at me… because I was basically curing their customers so fast… [their clients] signed up for a 3-4 week retreat, but after 1 week they signed out and said “Screw this I’m going to save the money and just do this cleanse instead!”

  • The un-official testimony from the original chemist on the Lufenuron research team(now a professor at UC Davis) and what happened when Big Pharma tried to bury the evidence of Lufenuron’s effectivity.
  • Why it seems impossible to make life-style changes based on diet until you rid your body of this weaponized fungus.
  • Why you are NOT your cravings – if you constantly have cravings for toxic food and drinks even though you KNOW you have
  • How EMF radiation is now scientifically proven to enhance the growth of this fungus… Who’s deciding to put more EMF Cell phone towers on schools and hospitals?

And much more fun and laughs, Enjoy.

Watch Real Life Self Healing Stories:

Meet Ben, 37 year old professional chef from Los Angeles, plagued with Psoriatic Arthritis to the point where he is in excruciating pain just by seasoning his culinary creations with salt. 
He’s lived his entire live in crippling pain which was first brought on by the arthritis and Osgood-Schlatter disease, a rare condition where ones bones grow faster than ones tendons. 
You have to see it to believe it. Hannah’s transformation is incredible. In just a few short months she eliminates life-long cystic acne, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, skin rashes, lethargy, and loses a total of 30 pounds. Watch her transform right before your eyes. 
Once a man of enthusiasm and vigor, James finds that these days he’s constantly tired. He’s struggling with insomnia, bloating, heartburn, inability to concentrate, and stubborn excess weight. He takes the plunge into what turns out to be a tremendous shift in his life. 
Want to See More? Visit the Candida Cleanser Blog:

Building a New World out of Pure Consciousness: The New Earth Vision

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– “We will create yet again from the heart our forgotten dreams of divine union to the cosmos… To the ancient new world we will build out of pure consciousness.”
In this new episode, we wanted to take the leap of faith to open up, and share with you the vision deep within our hearts:  the real reason why we started EVER…
Since we started, we’ve been doing everything we can to share with you the essence of our vision and purpose…. information which allows you to lift the veil which has been pulled over our eyes for generations…
The keys to unlocking the invisible handcuffs which hold our minds fixed in a control mechanism reality which simply doesn’t serve anymore.
If you’ve been following along, or if you’ve already been deep down the rabbit hole yourself for years, you are perhaps realizing that there’s literally nothing here, this is all pure consciousness, and anything that we put our co-creative collective awareness on manifests into experience.
Heck, just from some of the interviews we’ve done, we can see that there are people on this planet already actively teleporting their bodies at will, and countless others who don’t even need to eat and function on prana alone…
We are awakening.
The question now is… if we are beginning to see that this world is nothing but pure consciousness, if we are beginning to wake up to the fact that we are co-creative beings, then what is the vision of the New Earth which we want to build?
Everyone, keeps talking about the global collective awakening, yet few people actually stop to describe the New Earth in detail.
It’s a simple question, “What do we want to create?” 
Yet of immense significance, for if we can describe it, envision it, then we can create it.
What would it be like if the hearts of all 8 billion people on our planet beat as one single heart?
What would it be like if every time you looked in the eyes of another, you realized you were looking at yourself?
What would it be like if we all collectively knew at a gut level we are pure consciousness?
This is the vision that scares the crap out of the controlling elite on this planet… 
All humanity uniting in consciousness, under one Sun.
…This is why we started EVER, and it’s the vision burning in our hearts which we’d like to share with you.
You may say that we’re dreamers, but there’s a science of working with consciousness to turn dreams into reality, and we’re here to talk about it.

PS. We originally recorded this episode before our life event Singularity and referenced the event in the podcast, however, we ran out of time to publish as we had to get busy with the event.  If you missed the event, don’t worry, we are launching the replays to the public very soon!

Unplugging Your Mind From the Matrix – Interview with Justin Deschamps

Written by Topics : The EVER Podcast

You know that moment in the Wizard of Oz when Wendy looks behind the curtain and finds out the all powerful wizard is just an ordinary guy?

In a world full of deception, psyops, and layers upon layers of dis-information, at a time of our collective awakening out of the dream-spell of “the Matrix”, Justin Deschamps, the co-founder of SITS( has been on a mission to lift the curtain on a daily basis for all of humanity… or rather, to empower others to lift the curtain themselves.

Currently over 1.5 Million viewers find their way to SITS every month, even though the site has been outright targeted and labeled as “fake news” by the mainstream media during the recent crack-down against alternative media.

SITS is one of the leading sources of alternative ‘out-there’ news currently in operation, it is a pipe-line hub filled with news and information often on the bleeding edge of disclosure and conspiracy, dis-information, psyops, information, and much more… over the past few years it has grown to become a place where truth-seekers gather to get a break from the smoke and mirrors show of mainstream news and get a glimpse of what could really be going on on this planet.

Over the past many years, whether it’s been a summary of a recent mass UFO sighting, or an insider’s summary of Wikileaks documents or the pedogate situation, I have read most of it on SITS, so I am extremely grateful for this web-site.

If you haven’t heard of SITS, check it out… and if you have been following it, here’s your chance to meet the man behind the curtain: Justin Deschamps.

I wanted to interview Justin for two reasons: because his main passion is one that Josh and I share at EVER… Inspiring people to think for themselves and seek the truth within,

An excerpt from the about page of SITS:

The primary goal of Stillness in the Storm is to help all people become better truth-seekers in a real-time boots-on-the-ground fashion. This is for the purpose of learning to think critically, discovering the truth from within—not just believing things blindly because it came from an “authority” or credible source. Instead of telling you what the truth is, we share information from many sources so that you can discern it for yourself.

…and the second reason… because he’s on the inside of SITS, I wanted to ask him what what he sees his web-site visitors paying attention to the most, as this would be a good litmus paper indication of where the level of our collective consciousness of humanity truly is.

The answer was not what I expected.

Note: This interview is available both in audio on our Podcast, and in video on our new YouTube channel. Click here or the player above to watch the video, or listen to the Podcast below:


Show Notes, Links, and Resources.

Justin Deschamp’s Website: Stillness in The Storm – (SITS)

The Gerson Miracle – Dr. Max Gerson (Cures for Cancer being hidden from the public)


5 Years Of Living Without Needing To Eat – Interview with Ray Maor

Written by Topics : The EVER Podcast

Ray Maor started as a completely normal guy, one day a conversation with a friend led him down a rabbit hole which is now changing the very nature of our human existence in this dream-world we call reality.

Even though it may be hard to believe, like thousands of people awakening on this planet right now, for the past 5 years Ray hasn’t needed to eat food to survive, becuase his body functions purely on prana(cosmic energy)

…and unlike what you’d expect, the guy is pure muscle and life-force…

If you’re ready to get your mind blown, watch this interview.

I have to warn you, this is really against the grain of our deeply engrained belief systems and programming, and like me, you might first have a “yeah, right” reaction to this information, like I did for years… in fact, I completely blocked this out as it didn’t fit my paradigm and I wasn’t ready to accept it, until recently.

I have heard of pranic living/breatherianism, and anyone who’s ever read Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” will realize that these kind of occurrances(people living without food) are common place in in India…

However, this led me to believe that this was reserved for the holy monks of the Himalayas and those endowed with spiritual powers from years of practice or karmic influences.

It turns out, I was wrong.  Our planet is changing.

Right now, due to recent shifts(upgrades) in our collective consciousness, it’s easier than ever to awaken your pranic pathways, and live on cosmic energies.

And unlike the myths go you don’t have to stop eating entirely, you can still keep eating for fun, but your body just won’t need the food anymore.

Can you imagine how liberating this would be?  Watch to the interview to hear from Ray how this feels, how your entire base level root chakra survival ‘programs’ get re-wired, and what it feels like to be living walking proof of the fact that this reality is nothing but pure consciousness.

Some people call it living on Prana, others Breatherianism

Whatever you want to call it, Ray Maor is on the front-lines of this collective awakening, and has been living without having to eat for over 5 years, he travels the world sharing his experience and initiating anyone who feels the calling for this quantum leap transformation in this incarnation.

Listen to this mind blowing interiew to find out:

  • Busting the myths about breatharianism, and how the body changes it’s prana/metabolic energy source composition after initiation.
  • Ray’s personal story of how he went from being a completely normal guy, to ending up at an initiation which enabled him to have freedom from food, and how you can do the same.
  • The incredible health and spiritual benefits of opening up your pranic pathways. Clarity in all areas of your life, and less toxicity.
  • Why you don’t have to go FULLY pranic/breatharian after an initiation, and why most people chose to keep eating for fun only.
  • What’s happening right now on this planet on an energetic level that is now allowing this transformation to easily take place for humanity.
  • How the pranic living initiation looks like and what’s involved.
  • How and why countless people are shifting into this way of life all over the globe.
  • Why it’s much simpler than anyone would make you believe. 
  • It doesn’t involve years of yogic practice, and you don’t need to have any special spiritual powers.
  • You don’t need to have a history of being a health nut, a vegan, vegetarian or a raw foodist… if you feel the calling, you can do it.

And much more, enjoy!

Note: This interview is available both in audio on our Podcast, and in video on our new YouTube channel. 


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Visit Ray Maor’s Website: