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About The Podcast

Tune in with us every week as we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, talk about forbidden truths & science, cutting edge health breakthroughs, ancient forgotten wisdom, and the truth about the co-creative power of our collective consciousness.

“We will create yet again, form the heart, our forgotten dreams of divine union to the cosmos… to the ancient new world we will build out of pure consciousness.”

Each episode is packed with occasional big-bellied laughter as we share deeply from the heart, open up pandora’s box yet again, and try to take none of it seriously at the same time.

Show Notes, Links, and Resources For All Episodes

Episode 1:

World on Fire – Our Sun & The Inner ‘Roaster Coaster’

Episode 2:

How To Deal With Impossible Situations Like a True Spiritual Warrior

Episode 3:

How To Biohack Your Water – Part 1

Episode 4:

Dr. Patrick Flanagan – The Man Who Changed How The World Saw Pyramids & Water

Episode 5:

The Wild Story of How One Man Died 4 Times In One Lifetime – An Interview With Joshua Dharma

Episode 6:

How To Build Your Own Pyramids For Healing and Raising Consciousness – Interview With Sasha LeBaron

Episode 7

The Deadly Chase for Free Energy & Anti Gravity – Interview with Kacper Maciej Postawski

Episode 8

How To Join The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Episode 9

Inside The Mind of a Translocating Mystic – Ananda Bosman

Episode 10

Tapping Into Unity Consciousness & Telepathy – Sperry Andrews

Episode 11

Using Cryptocurrency to Build a New Earth – Interview with Griff Green

Episode 12

5 Years of Living Without Having to Eat – Interview with Ray Maor

Episode 13

Unplugging Your Mind from the Matrix – Interview with Justin Deschamps

Episode 14

Building A New Earth Out of Pure Consciouness: The New Earth Vision

Episode 15

Beneficial & Dangerous Crystals – How They Affect Your Consciousness and Water – Interview With Satyam Vinaya

Episode 16

Becoming Immortal and Fearless – Bruce Lipton on EVER

Episode 17

What It’s Like To Be Breatherian – My Experience of Ray Maor’s Pranic Awakening Retreat